Mobile.Me Packages

Price: From: $1.00

$1.00 / month
$10.00 / month
$15.00 / month
$25.00 / month


All variations of the Mobile.Me come with:

  • Hosting
    • (Price includes hosting)
  • Instant Delivery
    • (Get access the moment you sign up)
  • Full Editing Control
    • (Takes less than 5 minutes to customize your Mobile.Me and it’s published immediately after updating any change)
  • Virus Protection
  • Customer & Technical Support

Basic Mobile.Me

Perfect for a personal landing page to shout out all the different social profiles, events, products, news, and unlimited button links to where ever you want your viewers to click and go to

  • Profile Tab
    • Unlimited Call-To-Action Buttons
    • Profile Photo / Cover Photo
    • Social Media Links
    • Main CTA
    • Tagline/motto
  • Contact Tab
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Location(map)
    • Contact Form to your email




Standard – 1 Mobile.Me

All of the basic features plus:

  • Introduction Tab
    • Introduce yourself, brand, products, services, or mission with a featured Video
  • About Tab
    • Talk all about the details of who you are and what you offer
  • Portfolio/Media Tab
    • Give examples of your work, show who you work with, feature videos/images/music/audio files and show off what you do!
  • Blog
    • Personal blog tab with unlimited posts that you can create



Standard – 2 Mobile.Me (ADD FREE)

All standard-1 features + We’ll remove “Powered by Krends” sticker on the bottom of the page (ad free)



Full Mobile.Me

All Standard – 2 features plus:

Custom domain/URL – We can make your full Mobile.Me load on your custom URL so you don’t have –> <– this is how your audience would find you.