Webmaster Full Service

Price: $700.00 / month



Updating plugins & theme files can and will happen when necessary. Doing constant updates the moment things ask often times creates more problems than it solves. Which is why when you’re on the webmaster program you can be sure we’ll take care of all the necessary updating when the time is right. This way we ensure minimal downtime for your customers.


When you’re on our webmaster program, it includes your hosting fee!

Monthly Sweeps for the following;


Daily Website Site-File Backups

Your website will be backed up every 24-hours, and versions of the website will be stored for 3 days. Which means anytime anything goes wrong, it can be restored to the previous day(s) version.

Custom Development

10 hours of pre-paid time for custom development work. Design (graphics), Development (coding), Content production (text, etc), is all included in the 4 hours of work you’re in need of each month. Hours do not roll-over.


Our normal hourly charge for development is $205/hr. With this service, you receive a discount of nearly 70% off!